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Check out a video from a group who have been on a trip!

  The purpose of our visionary trips is to open your eyes to what we are doing around the world. Though we go "everywhere" and always encourage others to join us, we have developed Honduras as a window to our world of missions. What we offer you is not just a mission trip but a Vision trip.

A spiritual adventure that will change your life forever. Though building projects are fun and needed (and we have many such opportunities) the visionary trip is designed to get you away from the construction site and into the homes and ministries of the people. In this way you get to learn about the true work of missions, which is soul winning, planting churches and serving in the Lord's name. Our journey is designed to give you a sample of what ministry with Final Frontiers is all about. What you see in Honduras is indicative of what we do all over the world. Why Honduras and not one of the other 89 countries where we have served?


    - It's close. Outbound flights depart from one of three cities, Atlanta, Miami and Houston. From each of these it's only a three hour flight from the USA so you don't waste a day coming and going.


    - It's comfortable. The food is great, the people are friendly, and the environment is safe. Americans are familiar with the Latin culture thus in Honduras you are less susceptible to stomach and water problems. Most of the food is purchased as imported from America and all the water is treated and bottled. Oh yes, our facilities are air conditioned with fans and have private bathrooms with unlimited hot water. It's as nice as a hotel.


    - It's moving. Honduras is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. You will be able to see real poverty and help alleviate it. You will enter homes and see how they live and have the fun of reaching unreached villages with the gospel. Nothing will shake a teenager up like one of our Visionary Trips. They will learn first-hand what life is all about, that it has nothing to do with acquiring material possessions or owing name brand trinkets.


    - It's ministry. We have ample translators and you are free to do what you do while there, whether it be singing, teaching children, evangelism or preaching. Tell us what you want to accomplish and we will tailor your trip to accomplish that and much, much more.


Below you will see a summary of the trip details but if you wish to see more, be sure to read our detailed literature packed with photos. After you make your mind up, give us a call to arrange a week with us in Honduras. By the way, our trips run from Thursday to Thursday.


Price is $700.00 per person.

The $700 price includes all domestic transportation, food, bottled water, snacks and lodging. Any "profit" goes to the ministry there to help with expenses.


Traveling information:

The three USA carriers that fly to Tegucigalpa (airport code is TGU) are Delta, American and United. They all generally charge about the same which I have seen range from $500 to $900. It is best to monitor the prices and then buy when it dips low. Generally you can expect to pay about $650.



For groups of 10 or more we can make a trip most any time of the year as you desire. However our normal trips are in the summer months from late May to early August. It is best to come with your own group but we always have individuals and families that piggyback on other groups. We are all like-minded and all there for the same purpose so there is an immediate friendship. We have even had a wedding result from such a mix. Right now we are booking trips for this summer. We have some weeks already reserved by church groups so again, if you are coming alone or as a family you could join one of those, if you have a group let me know and I will send you the open dates.


More details:

Once a family or church has committed to a date, we have a pdf file which you can download here that has all the information you need to know. I have attached it to this email so that most any other question you may have should be answered by it.


If you are ready to take the next step and book your trip, or have some more questions then please feel free to contact Daniel Nelms at 800-522-4324 x 101.



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